What We Do Best

Public Affairs

President Lincoln said, "public perception is everything." At the core of our public affairs work is our commitment to that lasting truth. We use our experience working in the government and advocacy arenas to develop, test, and deploy messages and tactics that are proven to move policymakers and shape public opinion.

With senior leaders who are veterans of a governor's administration and state and local legislative offices, we understand how to use public advocacy to help influence elected officials and elevate grassroots support from diverse communities.


Our communications and media relations professionals develop tailored communications plans that deliver powerful messages directly to where people are looking and listening. We implement these plans with a full service approach, combining client media training with development of "digital first" messages that will cut through competing content and earn positive coverage on social media and from today's diverse, online news media landscape.

Coalition Building

Our team has experts who know how to bring together unconventional partners and identify the best messengers to help advance our clients' campaign objectives. We know how much work and creativity it takes to educate and then motivate influencers to take action. Our diverse team of advocates give us a strategic advantage because we are engaged in civic life each day, working alongside businesses, labor unions, and community organizations to make positive change.

Community Engagement

It is more difficult than ever to engage busy Californians on matters that impact their lives. We do the hard work it takes to reach people in their communities to inform and engage in an exchange of ideas. Our public information, organizing, and activation strategies are often the difference in winning the votes for our clients' endeavors.

Crisis Communications

We have team members with over 20 years of experience of managing crisis communications for government, corporate and nonprofit clients. Our team takes a calm, cool, collected approach to preparing our clients for the unexpected. And we're on call 24/7 to manage the impacts of breaking news using strategies that de-escalate and defuse.