We deliver for our clients every day and every time. Our team has decades of experience delivering results for the highest profile and most disruptive companies in the nation. We are a women-owned firm that understands the unique intricacies of California, its many markets and communities, and stakeholders on major issues.


We understand how to effectively create a conversation or redirect one. We transform complex issues into salient and resonating messages and active allies to reinforce those messages. We drive what the news covers for our clients.


We approach every challenge and objective as unique by developing a detailed and thoughtful individualized strategy. We understand that developing the right sequence paired with the right voices on the right platforms is how to effectively define a conversation. We think about every nuance and detail to execute the best strategy that delivers results.


Our team members have unique skill sets that complement each other to best serve our clients. Our team has worked in every level of government and has spent years honing media and influencer relationships. We have experts in strategic communications, public affairs, community engagement, crisis communications, advocacy, public relations, and deliberate coalition building and activating.



Our clients are trailblazers, disrupters and leaders. We work with some of the highest profile companies including, start-ups, tech companies, nonprofits, developers and Fortune 200 companies. Our team develops solutions at the local, state and federal levels of government for our clients, positioning them our as leaders amongst competitors, and elevating brand awareness with specific audiences.


Public Affairs

Our team utilizes first-hand knowledge of what policy-makers care about to develop strategies that will educate stakeholders and decision-makers to elevate our clients’ issues.

Communication Services

Our team works with our clients to develop creative and effective strategic communications plans. We then execute these plans with resonating ideas and pitches to deliver positive media

Crisis Communications

We have team members with over 20 years of experience of managing crisis communications for clients. We know how to prepare companies in advance and execute a crisis communications plan to mitigate unwanted media attention.

Coalition Building and Activation

Our team has experts who know how to bring together unconventional partners and identify the best messengers to help advance our clients’ goals. We know how to motivate influencers,
businesses and community leaders to take action to influence the conversation. This experience with coalitions, paired with our team’s intricate understanding of land use, entitlements and legislative affairs, gives us the unique ability to activate impactful coalitions for a wide range of issues and clients.


We take it to the next level by developing strategies to connect, organize and activate communities. Our efforts ensure that actions taken by community members are targeted and focused to be most effective. Our existing relationships within communities across California at the leadership and grassroots levels give us the ability to engage quickly and successfully.


We understand how best to educate policymakers and influence the conversation on issues that matter to our clients at the local, state, or federal levels of government. Many of our team members have worked in local government, the State Legislature and Governor Administrations and know firsthand how to elevate issues to positively impact change.


Becky Warren


Amanda Parsons DeRosier

Senior Vice President

Kimberly Ericksen

Vice President

Tiffany Moffatt

Senior Counselor

Janet Fernandez

Account Supervisor

Julie Stephens

Account Supervisor

Alma Maldonado

Senior Account Manager

Tanner Kelly

Senior Account Executive

Caroline Perry

Senior Account Executive

Kate Reynolds

Account Executive

Scott Korinke

Account Executive

Kaia Partlow

Account Executive

Maya Prasad

Account Executive

Marla Ricketts

Administrative Director/Account Executive





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Transportation Authority

Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
and Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

Women’s Business Enterprise Council

Elizabeth Hansell | Principal

Liz is a founder of the firm and heads the firm’s coalition-building and community engagement practice. She has over 15 years of managing strategic coalitions, grassroots advocacy and issue management. She knows how to not only influence influencers but motivate influencers, community leaders, and residents to action. She has built a reputation as one of California’s leading authorities on grassroots advocacy by using her unique ability to prompt action. Liz has led coalitions for corporations who face regulation or legislative challenges as well as built effective coalitions for local and state ballot initiative campaigns. She has deep and extensive relationships with the most influential statewide and local organizations and community leaders throughout the state. She is based in Los Angeles.


Becky Warren | Principal

Becky is a founder of the firm and heads up the strategic communications practice, which includes media relations, public affairs, and crisis and litigation communication. With over 20 years of experience, Becky provides communications counsel to several Fortune 100 companies, including some of the most disruptive and talked-about technology companies in the world. She was also named one of the Sacramento Capitol’s 100 Best & Brightest: “She’s one of the Capitol’s hardest-working professionals, and easily one of the most effective behind-the-scenes political operatives in the state.” Prior to founding Elevate, Becky was a partner at a Los Angeles public affairs firm. She previously was the managing director for the Sacramento office of Mercury Public Affairs – a national communications and public affairs firm. Before that, she served as the Deputy Communications Director for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger managing his public appearances, crafting his messaging, and driving media coverage. Prior to her tenure with the Schwarzenegger Administration, she served as the Communications and Legislative Director for California legislative leadership and headed up public affairs for the state’s restaurant association. Becky is currently the chair of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.


Adriana Fernandez Clark | Partner

Adriana specializes in coalition organizing and developing strategic outreach campaigns for many of the firm’s clients. She spearheads public education programs for both public and private sector clients, specializing in strategic communications, stakeholder engagement and grassroots mobilization. With a background in legislative affairs, Adriana is skilled in distilling high-level policy and technical issues to messages that resonate across a spectrum of audiences. In 2014, she was named one of the “40 Under Forty” recipients from a Southern California Chamber of Commerce. In 2016, Adriana completed a fellowship through the Southern California Leadership Network. She is a current Board member of the Valley Industry & Commerce Association Foundation, an Advisory Board member of Girls Inc. Los Angeles and a member of the Santa Clarita Water Agency’s Blue Ribbon Committee on water policy.


Amanda Parsons DeRosier | Senior Vice President

Amanda is a Senior Vice President at Elevate. Amanda has over a decade of public relations, media management, community affairs, and government agency experience. Previously, Parsons DeRosier served as the media relations manager for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and as the spokesperson for the Los Angeles International Airport and then External Affairs Director for Sentinel Peak Resources. She was also the press secretary for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and a Communications Director for a California State Assemblymember. She is the former press secretary for the Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa and a former communications director for a California State Assemblyman. In addition, she has acted as the on-the-record spokesperson during multiple high-profile crisis incidents. Parsons DeRosier currently teaches Public Relations part-time at California State University Long Beach and has master’s degrees from Pepperdine University in both public policy and dispute resolution. Amanda is based in Long Beach.


Kimberly Ericksen Camilleri | Vice President

Kim is the lead for Elevate’s communications and media engagement practice in the Sacramento office. Her area of expertise includes multi-platform media outreach, digital communications, strategic communications implementation, marketing and branding, rapid response communications, and legislative campaigns. Most recently, Kimberly headed the communications department at the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. Prior to the Chamber, she worked in tourism marketing, where she built branding and marketing strategies for clients including the City of Napa and the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association. Kimberly began her career in public affairs and communications at a national public affairs firm, where she worked with high profile companies and issues, including tech start-ups, and Fortune 200 companies.


Tiffany Moffatt | Senior Counselor

Tiffany brings unmatched public affairs talent to the table with expertise in media relations, reputation campaigns, crisis communications and corporate public affairs. With more than 20 years of experience managing communications and high-profile issues for legislative advocacy campaigns, corporate affairs, Governors and legislative leadership, and trade association initiatives, Tiffany has a sharp understanding of the regulatory and political climate in California. She specializes in guiding clients through controversial public affairs issues and creating meaningful communications programs that help them to meet broader legislative, regulatory and outreach objectives. With prior experience as Deputy Communications Director for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Walmart’s Media Director for the Western United States, she brings a wealth of know-how in media strategy and media relations at the local, state and national level, and is an expert in all aspects of crisis communication, from proactive planning to real-time strategy and response. Tiffany is based in Sacramento.


Janet Fernandez | Account Supervisor

Janet is an Account Supervisor with Elevate where she uses her background in public affairs and communications to help a diverse range of clients meet their unique goals. Prior to joining Elevate, she worked on political campaigns, ballot measure campaigns, and coalition building at GrassrootsLab. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz she is dedicated to her career in public relations. Janet is fluent in Spanish.


Julie Stephens | Account Supervisor

Julie Stephens is an account supervisor based out of the Los Angeles office. Julie is a multi-faceted communications professional who began her career as an assignment editor and she now uses her storytelling skills to help organizations and brands develop and share messaging across a variety of platforms. Julie has worked on large public education campaigns, nonprofits and large consumer brands to develop public-private partnerships, secure media coverage and drive social media strategy. An Ithaca College graduate, she’s currently working on earning an executive certificate in social impact strategy from the University of Pennsylvania.


Caroline Perry | Senior Account Executive

Caroline is a Senior Account Executive at Elevate Public Affairs. She has extensive experience in public affairs focusing on educating and mobilizing advocates across a variety of issues. Prior to joining Elevate, Caroline worked in Washington D.C. at an international public affairs firm specializing in strategic communications, coalition management, media relations, and digital advocacy. Caroline earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from North Carolina State University with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish. Caroline is based in Los Angeles.


Tanner Kelly | Senior Account Executive

Tanner is a Senior Account Executive with Elevate Public Affairs. Tanner drives policy change and wins public support for Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits and foundations. He specializes in stakeholder engagement, coalition building, and legislative and regulatory advocacy campaigning. With deep ties to California’s leading decision makers and influencers, Tanner brings a broad range of experience serving in both the public and private sectors, including the state legislature, local boards, non-profits, and political and ballot measure campaigns across California. In 2017, he founded Generation Change CA, the first political incubator preparing millennials for state and local office in the state. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Orange County-based Eli Home for Abused and Neglected Children.


Alma Maldonado | Senior Account Manager

Alma is a Senior Account Manager focusing on communications and coalition building. She has dedicated her career to public relations and community outreach including working with Fortune 500 companies, cities, and trade associations. Her extensive skills and experiences range from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to political campaigns and non-profits in Los Angeles. While in D.C., Alma served in the House of Representatives and was later a member of the community outreach team with the Democratic National Committee for the 2016 election. She previously worked for Mercury Public Affairs as a Junior Associate. She graduated summa cum laude with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Gender Studies and Chicano Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is based in San Francisco. Alma is fluent in Spanish.


Kate Reynolds | Account Executive

Kate Reynolds is an Account Executive based in the Los Angeles Office.  She brings a diverse background in communications, multicultural outreach, brand management, media relations, and influencer campaigns. She has previously specialized in finance, technology, consumer trends and digital deployment. She graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Affairs.


Scott Korinke | Account Executive

Scott is an Account Executive based in the Southern California office. A recent college graduate, Scott held multiple public affairs internships in Los Angeles prior to joining Elevate where he worked on a variety of statewide and local issues. Projects included advocacy efforts to increase uptake on government programs, outreach to local elementary schools to promote teaching materials on air quality, and various research or press-related tasks. Additionally, Scott worked with a Washington DC digital firm during the 2020 election cycle on campaigns across the US, including federal and local elections, fundraising, voter registration, and advocacy efforts. Scott graduated from University of Southern California with a Public Policy Degree and is currently enrolled in a Masters of Public Policy Program, with a focus on sustainability policy.


Kaia Partlow | Account Executive

Kaia is an Account Executive at Elevate where she specializes in coalition building, advocacy efforts, and media relations. She is a skilled communicator with a background working on political campaigns as well as on  legislative issues. Prior to joining Elevate, Kaia worked with a variety of businesses on policy concerns within Santa Cruz County. She has previously interned with the United States House of Representatives. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in American History.


Maya Prasad | Account Executive

Maya is an Account Executive with Elevate. Before working at Elevate, Maya has held internships in public affairs and has worked on projects ranging from social media management, analyzing policies and legislation, and community engagement projects. In 2019, she co-founded Thrive Together, an organization that encourages wellness for K-12 students. She also is a member of the South Coast Air Quality Management District and serves on the Young Leaders Advisory Council. She graduated from the University of California, Riverside, with a degree in Public Policy and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration Degree at the University of Southern California.


Marla Ricketts | Administrative Director/Account Executive

Marla is an Administrative Director/Account Executive at Elevate. She has extensive experience helping c-suite leadership achieve their objectives, keeping timelines on track, coordinating amongst teams, setting goals and boosting productivity across the entertainment, finance and non-profit sectors. Marla is an expert in client relationships and management. At the her last non-profit position, she also created innovative programs to spur growth in their capital campaign and facilitated community outreach to address food insecurity. Marla is fluent in Spanish.